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Core Bioinformatics group


PhD Medical Science

MRes Machine Learning

BEng Computer Science


I completed my BEng in Computer Science at the University of York, my MRes in Machine Learning at Imperial College London, and submitted my PhD dissertation in Medical Science at the University of Cambridge. From a purely computational beginning, I gradually became more interested in applying and creating computational solutions to biological problems. Thus, my PhD focused on developing unsupervised learning approaches and graph neural network models for revealing regulatory insights focused on enhancer-promoter interactions and their role in cancer and cell differentiation.

After my PhD, I started a postdoc position in 2023 jointly between the labs of Irina Mohorianu and Srinjan Basu. I hope to continue my investigations into regulatory functions by integrating multi-omics data to characterise both gene regulatory networks and enhancer-promoter dynamics. My current interests continue and expand my PhD work, focusing on both disease progression and lineage specification trajectories.

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