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PhD Computer Science - Bioinformatics (2012)

BSc Computer Science (2008)

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My background in Computer Science was streamlined after I finished my BSc in Iasi, Romania,  towards Applied Data Science (Bioinformatics). During my PhD I studied small non coding RNAs (sRNAs), first in plants and then in animal systems, too. Soon after completing the first year of post-doc (working on D Melanogaster), I was awarded a BBSRC grant on which I was Researcher Co-I. While working on this project I started to integrate mRNA and sRNA expression and became interested in Gene Regulatory Networks. In parallel I also continued working on developing new methods for the UEA sRNA Workbench.

After my post-doc, I was briefly Bioinformatics Lead at the Oxford Vaccine Group (Department of Paediatrics, School of Medical Sciences, Oxford University) and Lecturer in Computer Science at University College, Oxford, teaching Imperative Programming, Algorithms and Machine Learning.

At CSCI I am Head of Scientific Computing (Head of Bioinformatics) and I lead a team of Bioinformaticians who support the CSCI PIs with data analyses and method development. The quest for understanding the intricacies of the underlying GRNs was elevated to a new level, with the analyses of bulk and single cell multi-omics datasets. Integrative analyses are also combined with imaging analyses intertwined with other high throughput measurements. The training component comprises meetings of the Bioinformatics community in CSCI, teaching sessions, and co-supervision of PhD students.


Key publications: 

noisyR: Enhancing biological signal in sequencing datasets by characterising random technical noise
I. Moutsopoulos, L. Maischak, E. Lauzikaite, S. A. Vasquez Urbina, E. C. Williams, H. G. Drost, I. Mohorianu (2021) Nucleic Acids Research

bulkAnalyseR: An accessible, interactive pipeline for analysing and sharing bulk multi-modal sequencing data
Ilias Moutsopoulos*, Eleanor C Williams*, Irina Mohorianu (2022); Briefings in Bioinformatics

The sum of two halves may be different from the whole. Effects of splitting sequencing samples across lanes.
Eleanor C Williams
*, Ruben Chazarra-Gil*, Arash Shahsavari*, Irina Mohorianu (2022) Genes


feamiR: Feature selection based on Genetic Algorithms for predicting miRNA-mRNA interactions
Eleanor C. Williams, Anisoara Calinescu, Irina Mohorianu (2020) bioRxiv

Head of Scientific Computing

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Wellcome - MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute
Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Centre
Room L03-R048
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