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Core Bioinformatics group


MSc Systems Biology (2016)

BA Mathematics (2016)



I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge, followed by an MSc in Systems Biology. During my Master's degree, I worked in prof Jerzy Paskowski's lab at the Sainsbury laboratory in Cambridge. Supervised by dr. Marco Catoni and dr. Hajk Drost, I developed a predictive model of epigenetic methylation return in A. thaliana. This sparked my interest in the identification of general patterns that go beyond a specific condition, cell type, or even organism. I believe that the power of modern-day computational approaches can be harnessed to push biology to a more general and formalised way of thinking. I am currently working with dr. Irina Mohorianu as a research assistant at the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute, developing pipelines for the analysis of diverse types of data. I am interested in the identification and characterization of gene regulatory networks, and trying to draw conclusions from recurrent motifs that can be observed in seemingly unassociated circumstances.


Key publications: 

noisyR: Enhancing biological signal in sequencing datasets by characterising random technical noise
I. Moutsopoulos, L. Maischak, E. Lauzikaite, S. A. Vasquez Urbina, E. C. Williams, H. G. Drost, I. Mohorianu (2021) Nucleic Acids Research

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