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Core Bioinformatics group


PhD Computer Science (2022)

MSc Bioinformatics (2017)

BSc Biology (2013) 

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I linked my personal interest in understanding and developing algorithms with my experience in genomics by pursuing a career in bioinformatics. This started early in my research career, annotating non-coding RNAs on highly invasive tunicates and studying the tRNA concerted-evolution on primates and fruit flies. I did an MSc in Bioinformatics in collaboration with Dra. Clara Bermudez (Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia) and Dr. Federico Brown (São Paulo University, Brazil) on the evolution of microRNAs in tunicates. Further collaboration with Dr. Peter F. Stadler (University of Leipzig, Germany) allowed me to earn a PhD in Computer Science on extensive metazoan miRNA annotation assessment and their evolution on chordates.

Derived from my doctoral project, I worked on the detection of other ncRNAs from model/non-model species, especially Tunicates; proposed computational approaches for miRNA detection and creation of probabilistic predictive models; and created the miRNAture pipeline, which ascertains the bona fide annotation using homology and structural miRNA-features.

At CSCI, I am interested in translating most of those challenges at single-cell level, using a multi-omics approach to understand the regulatory contributions of miRNAs (and other ncRNA molecules) to the differentiation of the cell.

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