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MSc Complex Adaptive Systems (2019)


In 2019 I finished my master’s studies at Chalmers University of Technology, in Gothenburg, Sweden, with a thesis on single-cell RNA-seq clustering and bulk RNA-seq deconvolution. Since joining the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute, I’ve worked on differential expression and alternative splicing analyses of bulk mRNA-seq as well as clustering, pseudotime and RNA velocity analyses of single-cell RNA-seq. Other assays I’ve worked with include ChIP-seq, ATAC-seq and CUT&Tag. Currently I am developing tools for better assessing single-cell clustering results.

I enjoy carefully analyzing the appropriateness, scalability and interpretability of statistical models as applied to biological datasets. At the Institute, I value the opportunity to closely collaborate with biologists working on important problems, and to develop novel tools for exploring biological heterogeneity.


Key publications: 
Williams*, E. C., Chazarra-Gil*, R., Shahsavari*, A., & Mohorianu, I. (2021). The sum of two halves may be different from the whole. Effects of splitting sequencing samples across lanes. bioRxiv.

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