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Core Bioinformatics group


BSc Computer Science (2020)

MPhil in Advanced Computer Science (2022)


I have a BSc in Computer Science awarded by Computer Science Department, "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University, Iaşi, Romania. During my undergraduate studies, my main focus was understanding and applying different Machine Learning techniques in real-world settings. For my dissertation ("Overview of overlapping community detection on graph data using disjoint partitioning") I reviewed several graph clustering approaches on both disjoint and overlapping cases. I am currently a first-year MSc student in Advanced Studies of Computer Science. This MSc balances taught modules and research; for the latter, over the last year, I focused on the topic of clustering stability on biological data (single cell high throughput expression data). My aim as an intern in the Core Bioinformatics team at CSCI is to continue the study of clustering stability and also to explore other Machine Learning approaches applied on bio-medical data.

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